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Adding python project to pip repo

So few weeks ago I’ve started coded a small python library, and would like to add this python project to pip repo. Here is how:

Amazon EC2, Flask, apache, mod_wsgi, virtualenv

Amazon EC2, Flask, apache, mod_wsgi, virtualenv. One of the complete recipe of practical Python application deployment. And here is how you can install, setup and deploy your application.

Finding a first instance that matched from your list

Short post! just ran into one python problem. Actually it is very simple task, not a problem at all, but I wanna write it in one line. So the idea is, I need a function to return the first value,… Continue Reading →

Python Decorator 101

Python Decorator, a function wrapper that allows author to modify behaviour before, and/or after your function/method to be called; In general, there are 2 styles to create decorator, one is using class, and another is to use function. Most of… Continue Reading →

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